Words from Past Participants

As a child, I didn't realize my experience with Project Children would change my life. I was just overwhelmed by the skyscrapers of New York City and open spaces of Greenwood Lake and amazed they didn't have an army patrolling their streets.

Looking back now as an adult, I know that short time in upstate New York took the blinders off and changed my view of the world. I saw people could live under the same roof in peace. My host family, Carol and Duke Hoffman, don't share the same church; Duke is a Catholic, while Carol attends the Lutheran Church but that never mattered.

The experience with Project Children let me see a world beyond The Troubles; that there was a world outside Belfast and that has made all the difference in the world to me.

Kevin BradyProject Children Alumnus

Project Children opened my eyes to the world. I didn't even know it at the time. What I know now is that all of the lessons I learned from being a part of Project Children are still with me today. I was born and brought up in Belfast and went to college in Bloomfield, New Jersey. All-American student-athlete defines me better than any statistic or moniker that I would have had in Belfast.

My outlook on life comes from the care and support of the Project Children family, the Nelson family and my own family, who said that if an organization like Project Children existed, it could do nothing but good! Project Children has continued, year after year, to prove them right.

I owe everything to this organization - not just my beautiful family and friends, but my outlook on life and my ability to bring our children up as conscientious members of an all-inclusive society.

Andrew DixonProject Children Alumnus

Project Children has enriched thousands of lives in Northern Ireland and the US, and my family will always be grateful that we were part of the multitude. It showed that individual actions can indeed light up the darkness and when multiplied, have a history-changing impact.

Carol WheelerProject Children Host